The New Jersey Speech and Audiology PAC –
Why It's Important to YOU!

A Political Action Committee (PAC) is an entity that facilitates participation in the political process by associations, corporations and individuals. Using dedicated funds, the PAC allows an organization to fully engage in the process by providing financial campaign support to elected officials who can impact issues of relevance to the group's members.

The PAC is a key component of NJSHA's legislative and advocacy activities. Members of the PAC Committee work in conjunction with the Association's legislative agent, Lynn Nowak of Porzio Governmental Affairs, along with members of the Legislative Committee to strategically use PAC funds to advance our legislative agenda in Trenton.

The New Jersey Speech and Audiology PAC was started in 2008. Barbara Glazewski, then chair of the Legislative Committee, is credited with having the vision to create a PAC and the PAC committee. Over the years, Barbara, as founding chair of the PAC, led a number of fundraising activities to grow the PAC funds.

PAC funds are used to provide direct support to legislators, other elected officials and candidates for elected office. Most often, this includes attendance at fundraising events hosted by the legislator or other entity. A NJSHA member with expertise in a relevant area or who lives in a certain legislative district attends the event, accompanied by Lynn Nowak. He or she is able to directly communicate with the legislator about issue of importance to NJSHA in a casual setting.

The PAC committee currently consists of the chair and treasurer. Any decisions regarding expenditures of PAC funds are made by the PAC Chair and treasurer in consultation with Lynn Nowak. In certain cases, the President and Legislative Chair are consulted along with chairs of relevant committees, such as Healthcare, Schools, Higher Education or Audiology. All decisions are made carefully and are designed to strategically advance the NJSHA legislative agenda as part of our overall legislate plan.

The New Jersey Speech and Audiology PAC needs your contributions in order to continue to function effectively and to be able to engage personally with elected officials and communicate with them about issues of importance to our members. PACs are regulated by the state and we are unable to use membership fees or any other NJSHA funds to support PAC activities. No donation is too small but we suggest that you consider $25 or more.

Together we can continue to make a difference in Trenton.

PAC Donation Form (PDF)

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