Continuing Education:
NJSHA Annual Convention

2017 Convention Handouts

Following are the handouts that have been provided to NJSHA from this year's presenters. If the handout is not listed below, check the website on a later date, or the presenter may be providing the handout at the session.

Handouts are saved in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format. Please note that handouts may take a few moments to download based on the size of the handouts, graphics contained in the handout or speed of your internet connection.


Questions, contact the NJSHA Office at or 888-906-5742.


Session 1
Session 7
Differentiated Vocabulary Instruction (Teaching Word Retrieval Strategies) for Learners With Word - Parts 1 and 2

Session 3
Session 9

Dysphagia Management in EOL Care - Parts 1 and 2
Session 4 Got R Problems? A Phonemic Approach to /r/ Remediation (revised 4/25)
Session 5
Session 10
Supervision in the Workplace - Parts 1 and 2
Session 12 Therapy Ideas 365: A Year of Articulation and Phonology Intervention
Session 13 Picture Naming Is Not Enough: Deep Assessment in Word Finding Using the TWF-3
Session 16 Identification of Medical and Social Issues Compromising Dysphagia Care
Session 17
Session 20
Therapy Ideas 365: A Year of Language and Literacy Intervention- Parts 1 and 2
Session 18
Session 21
Ethics in Practice: An Update on the Clinicians' Ethical Responsibilities  - Parts 1 and 2 - UPDATED 4/19/17
Session 22
An Internet-Based Model for Interdisciplinary Teams: Experts Without Borders
Session 23 The Clinic Model for AAC Evaluations
Session 25
Tele-ReACH and The COMPASS Project: Using Tele-Intervention and LENA Technology to Enhance Early Intervention for Babies With Hearing Loss
Session 26
Stretch Your Knowledge of Telepractice: Regulation and Reimbursement
Session 27
Session 34
Evidence-Based Treatment Methods for Students Who Stutter - Parts 1 and 2
Session 28
Session 35
Aphasia-Apraxia Therapy: Exploiting Neuroplasticity and Mindfulness - Parts 1 and 2
Session 29
Session 36
Session 43
Practical Strategies and Interventions for Asperger's Syndrome and High Functioning Autism - Parts 1, 2 and 3
Session 30
Session 37
Credentialing, Contracting, Coding and Billing Trends in Reimbursement - Parts 1 and 2
Session 31
Session 38
Selective Mutism: Evidence-Based Interventions - Parts 1 and 2
Session 32
Session 39
The Reading Evaluation - Parts 1 and 2
Session 42 Start Your Telepractice, Now!
Session 45 Bilingualism: Birth to Adulthood
Session 46 ANSD: What Do We Know For Sure?
Session 47 Delayed Hearing Loss in Hybrid Cochlear Implant Users
Session 48 School Affairs Update - UPDATED 4/27/17
Session 49 Healthcare Update - UPDATED 5/3/17
Session 50 Audiology Update


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