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Better Hearing & Speech Month

Read How People Have Celebrating Better Hearing & Speech Month

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM) is just around the corner. It is a wonderful time to promote our fields to the public, encourage increased awareness of disabilities and support early detection and foster advancements in the different areas you practice through fundraising.

Here are just some ideas of activities you can engage in during BHSM:

Additional Resources and Materials

Listen to Your Buds - hearing-related literature for SLPs and AUDs to handout

Identify the Signs – list of ideas, resources and handouts for BHSM

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association – video that SLPs can share with related professions to educate on the professional roles


BHSM Door Hanger

BHSM Bookmark

Email us about BHSM activities you have done in the past. We would like to post some of the activities and outreach our members are engaging in. Email to


Celebrating Better Hearing & Speech Month

Cindy D'Antonio and Joan Warner give each staff member (teachers, aides, secretaries, lunchroom ladies, custodians) water bottles with info about using our voices correctly especially during allergy season.

This is a bulletin board just put up by the New Beginnings Annex here at Maple Road School, West Milford, NJ Joanie


Mrs. Faella’s Speech Club Students are hosting a series of events:

  • Speech Students of the Week
  • Create a fortune teller games to reinforce language
  • A Power Point will be presented to some grade levels about what student are good at and what students need help. The theme is “No one is Perfect… Everyone needs Help”
  • Speech students will talk and interview the nurses about “Taking Care of Your Ears”- see information posted by office
  • A parent workshop on speech and language issues in the schools, June 15th



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