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Fall Schools Conference

Therapy for Students With Childhood Apraxia (CAS): Strategy-Rich and Video Enhanced

Saturday, October 21, 2017

The 2017 NJSHA Schools Conference was a great success!

NJSHA's Schools Conference 2017 was absolutely AWESOME!! David Hammer's knowledge and understanding of childhood apraxia of speech is amazing. He is an engaging, humble and dynamic speaker/presenter. He is so very willing to share his expertise - suggesting techniques, strategies and resources with speech/language clinicians providing services to students with childhood apraxia. Engaging speaker, dynamic clinician, humble man! Thank you for providing this conference!!!!


Thank you to MSU for hosting the 2017 NJSHA's School's Conference. David Hammer is an amazing presenter, and brought so much practical knowledge and research to the table. The venue was spectacular, and the day was truly an enjoyable experience.


It was a great conference!!! The venue was terrific and of course the speaker was outstanding!! Juliette and her CE team did such a nice job of organizing it all and the introductions and how the program flowed were all wonderful!!! Thanks to Elaine Hitchcock and MSU for their gracious hospitality and helping to make the day so successful!


This year’s school conference was fabulous and a bargain for all that was included in the day. The topic was Therapy for Students With Childhood Apraxia (CAS): Strategy-Rich and Video Enhanced and it was presented by David Hammer, MA, CCC-SLP from CASANA. The conference was very well planned and organized. It included a continental breakfast and lunch. In addition to being convenient, I feel that this helped to keep the conference moving on time. David Hammer was an excellent speaker. He was engaging and provided many practical therapy ideas. He also provided numerous extra resources that will be useful for therapy and improving professional knowledge in the area of apraxia. Thank you NJSHA for providing such a wonderful conference.


Check back soon for details on the 2018 event.

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